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Have you ever been thinking about finding your favourite services in one app? FriendFinder helps you to get new friends, share your community experiences or keep contact with your friends.

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01. About app

The Best Features in one app

In our rapidly developing world, we are having a hard time creating serious relationships. Our app helps you to do so.



FriendMap shows you events around you, where you can take part at. You can also rate those events that you have taken part at.



Create customize events. Do you represent a community, and you are about to make its event popular? Just flag the event as ‘official’ and you are ready.



You can share posts fitting to the specific circumstances on your timeline (Moment, Media, General).



By using the ‘Discovery’ feature, you can find people like you. Slide to the right if you like, or left if you'd rather ignore.

02. Our benefits

One time used — Use forever

Never forget that we are for you, not you are for us. Our goal is to create such an application that you enjoy.

No Passwords
Easier Sign Up or Login

We do not use passwords. you can rather verify yourself with your Facebook or email account or with your phone number. Isn’t it easier this way?

Many different settings for
a better User Experience

You can customize the operation of most features. For example: who may see your profile, what kind of notifications would you like to get?

All data synchronized
in the cloud

We synchronize your data, thus ensuring to reach everything, nevertheless the device and location.

Offline features on your

Have you run out of your mobile net or you are at such a location, where there is no reception? Most data are also available offline on your device.

Upload and Browse

Thanks to our compressing method, you may browse images and videos even via mobile net.

high level of protection of
your personal data

Privacy of your data is important for us. The entire communication between your devices and our servers is performed via encrypted channels.

03. Presentation

Watch our promo video

The following short video give you an insight into the everyday life of some of our users. You can check how our application has made lives of some people better. What are you waiting for? :)

FriendMap with events

04. FriendMap

Join or create an event

FriendMap shows events real-time, that you can take part at. The icon of the event refers to its type, and you can get more information by clicking on it.

Awesome features

You can customize every events. You may set the type, date, location etc. Don’t you know, what are you actually looking for? You can also use filters on the events, so the map will always show you events relevant for you.

Beautiful and modern design

We designed our application by using ergonomics and Google Material Design Guideline to make its use as easy as possible for you.

05. App screens

Look how it works

06. Subscribe

Only actual information

We do not send spam. By subscribing here, you will receive notifications only about the updates and new versions of the application.

07. FAQ

Have some problems?

Here you can find more information about the operation of the app and Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Terms.

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General Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

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End User License Agreement

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Support FAQ

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08. Contact us

Answers to your questions

Any questions left? Have you discovered any error or vulnerability? Or would you like to share your opinion or idea with us? Send us a message, and we will contact you as soon as possible.